Of Books

I see you there and I want to know you

What’s your story and where are you from?

Taking you, I’ll hold

Slowly with respect.

I want to know your age, really just because.

What paths have you taken?

Who else has seen you?

The older the better

Cause it peaks my curiosity.

Have you been loved by many,

Or hidden, stashed away?

Do you speak in rhymes, or plainly in prose?

I’ve been hunting for you,

I just want to know your insides.

You take me away, calm me down,

Can get me angry,

Or make cry till I drown.

As good as you are

There will always be another.

I want more, need to know,

But simply love the feel.

Good ones are great,

But none are too bad.

You all offer something,

Or nothing of thought.

I just want to hold,

And feel your age,

You weight, how you turn,

And how where you made.

I may keep for while,

To add to the others,

Or love you and leave you,

A satisfied lover…



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