Deep Thoughts On Sunrise

-Originally posted on FB on 11/20/15

I woke up early this morning and had the pleasure of catching a great sunrise. Sunrise and sunset are my favorite, and for very different reasons. One is at the end of the day and the other the beginning, obviously, but they offer such different things. Sunset is literally like a curtain call. It’s the end of the day and ushers in the night. It can bring a sense of excitement or also one of foreboding. We find plenty of pleasure in the activities of our nightlives but for me, as good and enjoyable as sunsets can be, they don’t offer the same lift.
Sunrises, however, brings a rebirth. What I get or see in a sunrise is what I think people seek or get from church. It’s peaceful, calming, brings a sense of hope, and can even offer direction. Looking out this morning over Orleans street at the sun coming up I couldn’t help but be in awe of how beautiful the city was. With all it’s flaws and ugliness, Baltimore gets the same thing every other city gets. A fresh start. Shadows still hide parts while other areas begin to shine brightly as the golden hues of sunrise wash over them. Each day the city has a chance to be better than the last.
Sunrise also brings a fresh start and a renewed sense of hope to all of us. Every single day we can be better, do more, live fuller than the previous day. We all get that chance. We’re all the same in that regard. We may be in different places, have different incomes, varied beliefs, morals of either high or low standards, but as long as we’re living then each day offers new hope.
We do with it what we choose but it’s always there for the taking. Carpe Diem is never more true than at sunrise.


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